Our Happy Team

We are a dedicated and hardworking team who deliver professional results within deadlines. Our philosophy is based on "work hard, play hard" both in our business and private life. We give maximum concentration and effort during work hours and like to enjoy life and spend time with our friends and family in our precious free time. We like to work as a team and want to make the best possible virtual tour we can for you. Our team covers Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Cairns.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of Australia’s leading influencers in the next 5 years. How are we going to achieve this? We are going to take you to events without you actually taking one step. We will be a platform to share concepts you didn’t have time to see. Our projects will save you considerable amounts of time and money.

Linda Soltesz

3D Technician

Cairns Team

0481 093 462


Linda relocated to Australia from the UK in 2016 looking for sun, sea and surf. In addition to 3D technology she has a strong knowledge of mass manufacturing and inventory control. After spending 7 years in the UK Linda joined our family business and in her free time runs her own cleaning company. She is known as a hard worker who is extremely accurate, punctual and delivers quality work.


Mark Soltesz


Brisbane Team

0490 049 661


Mark was born in Hungary and has spent the last 15 years working for 5 multinational companies in 4 different countries. Among many other business related skills Mark has extensive planning, supply chain and sourcing knowledge which together with virtual reality can help to lift your business onto the well desired next level. Mark is easy going and wants to work with you to create something great.


Kita Soltesz

Co Founder

Brisbane Team

0490 021 118


Kita spent over 6 years in the UK working for one of the largest IVF clinics in Europe. She completed her Bachelor of Nursing in Cairns and is armed with the highest level of customer service skills. Kita is the true engine of our family business, basically she overlooks and keeps everything under control. If you are in doubt feel free to ask her any business related questions, she will have the answer for you.

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